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by Tommy S. on Associates in Gastroenterology

Dr. Huang performed an endoscopy (EGD) on my wife Oct. 2018 and found she had esophageal cancer. He immediately arranged for her to see an oncologist. On Jan.6 2019 my wife had blockage of her esophagus due to food impaction. She could not swallow or dislodge the blockage. It was quite painful. It was late afternoon when I called AIG to explain my wife's problem. The staff immediately went into action and arrange for Dr. Vamadevam to meet us at Alexandria
Hospital ER. Dr. Vamadevan team was very compassionate and efficient and the procedure went exceptionally well and we were back home within a few hours. Our experience at AIG have been nothing less than outstanding.

by Lisa on Associates in Gastroenterology

My husband and I have been seeing Dr Josovitz for many many years and can't say enough good things about him and the entire staff. He is so caring and savvy about whats new out there in treating diseases. He has also given us several colonoscopies and they are not pleasant but he makes them as pleasant as he can and such great after-care.

by Theresa B. on Associates in Gastroenterology

Dr Huang has been my GI doc for 5+ years now. He has helped me get my chronic disease under control. Now I can work, enjoy time with my family AND be healthy. With the exception of a couple of front desk clerks (who didn't last long), the staff has always been helpful and friendly..... whether it's working with my insurance, getting paperwork for my job or having a colonoscopy. Gabi is my favorite! I have referred multiple friends and family members to him and will continue to do so.

by Rich T. on Associates in Gastroenterology

So you turn 50 and you've got to have "the test".Dr. Ramsey Daher made it as easy as possible. In my initial meeting, he was professional and set me at ease. He explained step by step what the colonoscopy would entail. When I arrived the morning of the procedure, the intake nurse was friendly, and the anesthesiologist talked me through what he would do to make sure I was comfortable and safe. Dr. Daher chatted with me for a few minutes while they got my IV going, and the next thing I knew I was waking up afterward. Bottom line - I'd recommend them.

by Inggie R. on Associates in Gastroenterology

Great staff, great doctor. Managed to get an appointment quickly. Caring doctor that remembers his patients. You don't feel like a cow headed to the slaughter house. Temple would be proud of this well oiled machine

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