AIG Offers New Therapy for Fecal Incontinence

Most people feel more than a bit uneasy when they consider talking to their doctor about bowel incontinence. If you suffer from the inability to control your bowel movements, you are not alone. This condition affects millions of people. According to the National Institute of Health, more than 18 million Americans suffer from fecal incontinence (FI).

But FI is not a normal part of aging, it is a medical problem. And there is hope.

The doctors at Associates in Gastroenterology offer a new minimally invasive, office based, therapy called Solesta®. Solesta® is indicated for the treatment of patients 18 years and older after simple methods have failed (for example: diet, fiber therapy, medications that treat diarrhea) but before they consider undergoing surgery.

Solesta is administered as injections into the rectum which is not painful. It helps give you more control by bulking up the tissue in the anal canal. After one session, about 50% of patients will have a good response.  In some cases, a second session maybe needed.

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Solesta® Injection Therapy

Solesta is composed of naturally made materials called dextranomer and sodium hyaluronate. The gel is similar to the natural starches, sugars, and tissue in your body. Solesta is an option after conservative methods have failed, but before you consider undergoing surgery.

Improvements with Solesta:

Solesta can reduce fecal incontinence accidents (or loss of bowel control) and provide long-lasting results. Solesta can also improve quality of life. What’s more, Solesta is proven safe. In clinical studies, patients kept track of their accidents and leaks in personal diaries after their treatment with Solesta. Most patients noticed a reduction in accidents (of up to 60%) and other changes that helped improve their lifestyle.

Here’s how it works:


Solesta is a gel that is given through 4 injections into the wall of the anal canal. It helps give you more control by bulking up the tissue in the anal canal. Since the injections are well tolerated by most patients, anesthesia is not necessary. Solesta is injected during an office visit.


  • The Solesta treatment procedure is done in your doctor’s office and takes about 10 minutes
  • No anesthesia is required
  • You may resume limited physical activity immediately after the procedure
  • You can resume a normal lifestyle and all physical activities after 1 week
  • Solesta may begin working soon after the procedure, with optimal results at 3 months for many patients
  • The effectiveness of Solesta continues over time. Solesta was shown to be effective in patients for 2 years, and patients’ results are still being followed for a 3-year period.

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